Thursday, July 21, 2011


William making a face at the zoo.

Still at it...

Birds Nest, Olympic Center

Justin posing for the camera.

Mommy and her two boys.

Justin loves Plants vs. Zombies

Green tea cheese-cake at McDonalds (Beijing). Who knew?

Meet up in China!

Leann's only maternal uncle still in China.

William giving his cute-face.

Exercising is good for you!

Soccer is a good distraction for young boys.

More exercise. We went out to the common area at least once every day.

Renting a boat.

Tiananmen Square (did I spell that right)?

Finishing off an ice cream.

Two boys....oh my god what is that lurking behind them?

Justin loves the bus!

Fishing for goldfish.

William got one!

So did Justin!

Leann's cousin in China.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter, Cal. Academy of Science

Relaxing on a weekend with some PvZ


Hunting for caterpillars.

Easter haul.

The living roof, and a happy family.

Looking for eggs...

Where are you, eggs?

There you are!

More eggs!! Must have more!

Hop on Pop.

William (trying to) play the piano.

Happy little firefighters

Ah..."frozen milk".

William being super-scary puzzle solver. This is his first time ever seeing such a puzzle. Frankly amazing.

This little guy is so methodical!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Picnic, and Justin in China

Two tomato plants, one "Box o' Earth" (NOT Earthbox [tm])

Today's haul.

That's a big cherry tomato!

Leann with her two boys.


Floating/swimming on their own.

Justin with his maternal grandfather.


Fishing..Justin's favorite pastime.

Maxim Picnic


Nan (and Panda), Justin (and ray gun)



Summer fun.

Paddle boats at the picnic.

Water-balloon wars!!


Ice cream and tattoos.

Who's feeding who now?

New haircuts all around, and ice cream.

Time to divide and conquer.